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Like most of my contemporaries, the first few decades were focused on establishing the milestones of life such as getting myself qualified, finding a job, settling down and starting a family and then saving for the future. Consequently, my world travel dreams were put on hold until my last child went to school and my career established. As a university lecturer and research professor, international participation in my field of research through conference presentations, collaborative research and scholarship offered opportunities to live the dream.

I organised my trips so that I could present my work at conferences, or have meetings and workshops with colleagues, and then spend a few days before and after to explore. It is amazing what you can fit into 2-3 days if you are organised and travel fast and light!

These pictures were taken during those travels. I do hope you enjoy looking at them. It was a lot of fun. I met some fantastic people and had lots of adventures.

Last updated 18/11/2019
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