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Dr Tracey McDonald AM PhD FACN, Professor of Ageing, 2006

Sometimes it seems that the only constant in aged care is change itself. But if we track the lines on the changing face of aged care, we can see that these lines depict an industry that is maturing rather than simply ageing. Contemporary aged care draws on ideas, values and principles generated by government, community and aged care providers over many decades – and it is unlikely that we will reach a moment in time or evolution when change ceases to be part of what we do.

The Aged Care Industry has been evolving over many decades and at every turning point, the goals set by government, community and aged care providers have been relentless in their pursuit of health gains and enhanced quality of life for older Australians in our care. As they should do. All stakeholders are committed to ensuring that we have a sustainable industry that is adequately funded and able to deliver appropriate care, treatment support and protection to those receiving aged care services.

Our core commitment to continuous improvement and accountable practice keeps us in touch with real-world aged care issues and service environments. We should acknowledge the processes that have stimulated aged care industry change, and embrace contemporary approaches to evidence-based management and professional practice.

Last updated 18/11/2019
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