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Aged care practice: The full story in contemporary nursing

McDonald, T. A., 2007

ICN CONFERENCE, Yokohama, Japan


Background: The experiences of registered nurses dealing with change related to aged care policy, nursing practice and extensions of role, have prepared them to function effectively within the highly professional clinical and management environment of aged care. Both clinical and non-clinical aspects of aged care nursing combine to incorporate far-reaching policy and nursing practice changes occurring in and around the Australian aged care industry and care of older people.

Objective: The aim of the research was to develop a model of practice for aged care nurses which would incorporate the full range of clinical and non-clinical nursing in contemporary aged care practice.

Methods: A convenience sample of 12 post-graduate qualified registered nurses participated in an action research project through a series of four workshops over six months to examine the roles and responsibilities of contemporary aged care practice.

Results: The outcome is a model of registered nurse practice that can be applied to the full range of practice involvements in aged care. The model’s design reflects the diversity of responsibilities and skills required of aged care nurses in Australia and recognises the national nature of policy and regulation driving the industry.

Conclusions: A model of contemporary aged care nursing practice generated through an action research project within a multi-service aged care facility was implemented and evaluated in terms of whether the full role of registered nurse practice in this context was able to be demonstrated. Evaluation of the model reveals that nurses appreciate acknowledgement of their full scope of practice and are more confident in the value of their contribution to aged care. This appreciation is reflected in their workforce participation rates and attitudes to aged care nursing practice.

CITATION McDonald T. Aged Care Practice – the full story in contemporary nursing, (2007) Peer-reviewed poster presentation, International Council of Nurses Conference, May-June. Yokohama, Japan.


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