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A survey of Chinese nurses’ knowledge on deconditioning in hospitalized older adult

Yancun Liu., McDonald, T. & Petrini, M., 2017

ICN Conference, Barcelona, Spain.


Background: Nurses play an important role in deconditioning management, but very few researches were done about how well-prepared nurses are to manage deconditioning around the world.

Objective: The primary purpose of this study is to investigate the current status of nurses’ knowledge about deconditioning and its management among older adults in Chinese hospitals; another aim is to examine the influence of nurses’ background information on their deconditioning knowledge.

Methods: A cross-sectional survey was done with nurses recruited from four hospitals in the central region of China. The Nurses’ deconditioning Knowledge questionnaire Chinese version (DKQ-C) and a background information form were used to collect data. 836 questionnaires were distributed while 507 valid (60.6%) were reclaimed and analysed. The mean correct answer rate was 70.9%, with rates ranged from 2.6% to 99.6% for each surveyed item.

Results: Results from t-test and ANOVA indicated that participants with higher mean scores had higher educational background, longer years of working experiences, higher position and worked in better hospitals. There were no significant differences among nurses’ deconditioning and its management knowledge scores in terms of their gender, clinical departments and whether to participate in continuing education or not.

Conclusions: The results strongly revealed a significant knowledge deficit of nurses in deconditioning and suggested that basic and continuing education for nurses about deconditioning need to be enhanced and nurses’ effort and participation in deconditioning management need to be recognized and encouraged.

CITATION Yancun Liu, McDonald, T. & Petrini, M. (2017) A survey of Chinese nurses’ knowledge on deconditioning in hospitalized older adult. (Paper) International Council of Nurses Conference Barcelona, Spain. 25-31` May, 2017.


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