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Taking care of business: Nurse practitioners in private practice

McDonald, T. & Mclaughlin, K., 2015

ICN Conference, Seoul, Republic of Korea


Background: A major project funded by the Australian government focused on establishing a sustainable model of nurse practitioner private practice delivering aged care services. The project commenced in 2011 and ended June 2014.

Objective: To examine the project in terms of key elements affecting the establishment private nurse practitioner services that are effective, economically viable and sustainable; and strategies necessary to support such a practice.

Methods and results: The project incorporated a range of models of collaboration, service delivery and fee structures across the various settings of general practice and other services in the region. Services provided by the Nurse Practitioner practice included direct care, client assessment, education, and mentoring. Strategies to develop a service model to integrate a range of collaborations, services and payment methods to work towards achieving sustainability are described along with business development, clinical excellence and marketing strategies.

Conclusions: Challenges to developing an effective, economically viable and sustainable model of practice persist in Australia. However, innovative approaches to business development can support private nurse practitioner services that are sustainable in current and trending health care environments. A focus on clinical excellence is not enough.

Learning Objectives: Delegates will:

  • Identify key areas that impact the establishment of a nurse practitioner service in private practice.
  • Identify strategies to support an economically viable and sustainable model of practice.
  • Identify opportunities to develop collaboration. Identify how services and payment methods may work towards achieving sustainability.

CITATION McDonald, T. & McLaughlin, K. (2015) Taking Care Of Business: Nurse Practitioners In Private Practice. International Council of Nurses Conference and CNR. Seoul, Republic of Korea. 19-23 June 2015.


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