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Harnessing the four horses of Accreditation: Policy, People, Processes and Proof

McDonald, T. A., 2006

ISQua Conference, London, England


Objective: Facilitating the transfer of quality outcomes information to aged care practice. Quality auditing and performance benchmarking data collected from almost 10% of aged care facilities in Australia will be presented as evidence to substantiate claims of significant quality improvements arising from the accreditation process.

Methods: A review of government policy on accreditation revealed several areas of conflict and confusion for aged care service providers and their personnel. Information seminars were undertaken through a peak industry association to provide industry participants with an appreciation of the origins of quality outcomes and their roles in establishing quality improvement strategies that would ensure a successful quality audit.

Results: A simplified version of the accreditation system was formulated and presented to over 50 aged care staff, in different categories, whose evaluations indicated that following the information seminar they had a better understanding of quality systems and how they could contribute to quality outcomes.

Conclusions: The two approaches presented here: demystifying the process of accreditation for aged care personnel, and monitoring quality improvements across aged care to better inform the industry, have enhanced feelings of confidence in the accreditation process. Data collected on key performance areas related to meeting outcomes under the Australian accreditation system will be used to support a formal review of policy arising from the Aged Care Act 1997.

CITATION McDonald T. (2006) Harnessing the four horses of accreditation: Policy, People, performance and Proof. Poster. The International Society of Quality in Health Care, 23rd International conference, London. October


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