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Maximising options in caring for our elders

McDonald, T. A., 2007

Better Practice conference, Sydney. Invited Plenary


Background: As plenary speaker, Professor McDonald will draw upon the valuable information provided by speakers on the resources provided by the Australian Government and also the demographic and other trends that affect both access to and provision of aged care services to Australians with Chinese backgrounds.

Objective: The issues that will be addressed in this session will take the form of questions or statements from the audience leading to discussion.

Methods: The topics will include but not be restricted to:

1. examining the extent to which funding for older people from culturally diverse backgrounds is effective, appropriate and supported by those who are most affected

2. whether the concept of ‘clustering’ of cultural groups within mainstream residential aged care homes can provide solutions to the ethno-specific needs of Chinese-Australians

3. estimating the level of commitment needed from residential aged care providers who undertake to provide for real lifestyle choices that include cultural activities

4. discussion of what families and residents are looking for in terms of residential aged care services

…and other issues that arise throughout the forum.

Results & Conclusions: At the end of the session, we will have developed an informed view of the issues and the foundations for future directions and action on behalf of the Chinese-Australian community of older persons.

CITATION McDonald T. (2007) Maximising options in caring for our elders. Invited address, ANHF Aged Services and Community Partners Program Conference, Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency, “Community Forum on Aged Care for the Chinese Community: Past, Present and Future”. Sydney, March.


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